Monday, February 08, 2010

Darwen Deserves Better Roads

Roads in Darwen and Blackburn have been in a poor state of repair for years, but over the previous 18 months or so the number of potholes in Darwen seems to have increased at an alarming rate.

Yes, there has been a lot of work being carried out throughout the town including the new leisure centre, Darwen Academy and various regenerations such as those being carried out near Harwood Street. BUT is this really a valid excuse for letting the roads fall into such a sad state?

As residents of the town start to become increasingly frustrated with the poor road standards we are trying to find out "Which is the worst road in Darwen?" and are looking to compile a top 5 'worst roads' chart.

To begin with we're running a poll to see which area visitors think is worst affected by poor roads, visit to cast your vote.

From there we will start to ask for nominations for the worst individual road before launching a new poll. Feel free to submit photographs as supporting evidence!

You'll notice signs have started to appear in local shop windows encouraging for Darwen to unite in protest about the roads. We're encouraging visitors to contribute to an online debate and help nominate the worst affected roads in Darwen.

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