Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Alternatives to Digital Freeview in Darwen

Many houses in Darwen still can't receive many of the digital freeview channels 4 months on from the local 'switchover'.

People have complained to Darwen Online that they aren't able to receive their favourite television programmes without spending money upgrading their aerials, despite having digital ready televisions.

However, their are alternatives available such as:

Freesat - you can opt to receive Freesat through a satellite dish. It would mean having the installation done and new aerials leading to your television sets but it would mean you have access to lots of freeview channels.

Online - there are various 'on demand' websites such as 4OD and BBC iPlayer which you can watch on your TV if you have the right equipment with Internet access.

This doesn't HAVE to be your PC or laptop either - games consoles which are already connected to your television may be able to access some on demand services:

Such as the Nintendo Wii which can access the BBC iPlayer or Playstation 3 which has it's own web browser or the Xbox 360 which can access Sky Player.

Alternatively some web-enabled mobile devices can also stream on demand TV shows such as the iPhone.

So, which websites should you visit to watch online?

If you can think of any website which should be listed please comment below and we'll add them to the list!

Of course, there are also various 'subscription' services such as Sky or Virgin Media etc which can provide the freeview channels as part of their packages but we are most often asked about free or one-off payment alternatives.

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