Friday, June 04, 2010

Shopping bags and robot wars!

Budding young inventors at Blakewater College are building a worldwide reputation!

An invention by the Year 7 pupils has attracted the attention of sponsorship from groups impressed by their creative gadget.

The pupils also created a robot, called Gizmo, which led them to represent the UK at the international Lego Championships.

The pupils - Sahib Ali, Sufyan Hassan, Haajra Iqbal, Mohsin Mayat, Billy Maxwell, and Bahiya Hussain - have created a contraption to make shopping trips easier.

The bag carrier is shaped like different animals and is called the Anabag. It holds up to five shopping bags through hooks on the animal shape which is attached to a comfortable strap, which eases the weight of heavy bags after a shopping trip Read more & discuss..

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